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White Cliffs Boating Trip

The White Cliffs of the Upper Missouri River Breaks

We offer one-day powerboat trips that will take you through the popular “White Cliffs” section of the river. This is a 47-mile section on the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, from Coal Banks Landing to Judith Landing. You can sit back and enjoy the legendary White Cliffs section of the Upper Missouri River explored by Lewis and Clark in 1805.

We have two different options, depending on the time of year you do the trip.

For guests going from June 15 thru September 15, trips are booked by Montana River Outfitters (MRO). Click to visit the MRO website or call 406-761-1677 for current rates and bookings.

For guests going from September 16 thru June 14, trips are booked by us.  The price of this trip is $800 per boat with a limit of six passengers. We will provide transportation from Winifred to Judith Landing and lunch on the river.

The White Cliffs of the Upper Missouri River Breaks

The White cliffs were described by Meriwether Lewis in 1805 in this section of The Way of the Western Sea, by David Lavender.

In a section the explorers called the “Stone Walls”, the multi-hued bluffs were banded with a thick stratum of almost horizontal white sandstone. In places this band, was seamed perpendicularly by intrusive dikes of dark brown volcanic porphyry. Erosion of the softer material around the dikes had left the jointed rocks standing as trim as walls, only a few feet thick and often scores of feet tall, of  “workmanship so perfect … that I should have thought that Nature had attempted to rival the human art of masonry” (Lewis). Elsewhere water draining off the land back of the steep bluffs had worn the white sandstone “into a thousand grotesque figures ... columns’ of various sculptures both grooved and plain . . . some columns’ standing and almost entire with their pedestels and capitals ... some lying prostrate and broken.” Pyramids, organ pipes, spires, niches, alcoves-scores of scenes of “visionary enchantment.”      

Like Meriwether Lewis and Karl Bodmer, you too can see the “Stone Walls” of the Missouri River Breaks and learn more about their fantastic journeys on our White Cliffs adventure.