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Nez Perce/ Cow Island Boating Trip

Nez Perce/ Cow Island

The year 2020 is the 143-year anniversary of the Nez Perce journey.

We are offering a one-day powerboat trips that will take you past the location of the Nez Perce crossing, Cow Island. This is a 62-mile section on the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, from Judith Landing to Fred Robinson Bridge.

You can sit back and enjoy the legendary history and scenery on this section of the Upper Missouri River. We will also provide lunch on the river.  

Please contact us for current prices and availability on this section of the river.

The Nez Perce Indians of Idaho and Western Montana undoubtedly aided the Lewis and Clark Expedition more than any other tribe. However, as the appetite for Indian land by white settlers increased, the pressure on the Nez Perce caused them to strike out against the influx of white settlers. 

After two fierce battles with the Army in Idaho, some 750 Nez Perce fled their homeland in a four state, 1170-mile flight for their lives. During their extraordinary flight from the pursuing Army, this band of Nez Perce Indians, with Chief Joseph, crossed the Missouri River at Cow Island at river mile 127, on September 23, 1877.

You can visit the site of this historic crossing, along with many other sites of historic importance on our Nez Perce/Cow Island Adventure.